Final Tweaks and Results...

Adding in TIME and GRADE

Once the bars were all represented, we put in a timeline that went from yellow (8am-9am) gradating to purple (3pm-4pm). We also represented the surveyed students grade in the negative space of the bar.

Let the Painting Begin!

Starting with a color they liked, the students went to paint in the bars that were assigned to that specific color.

Color Mixing MAY 2011

After a lesson in Color Theory, we mixed all the specific colors for the bars and assigned the survey number to those colors.

Measuring the Graph

Using our spreadsheets, we measured out all the bars and calculated the heights based on the survey results.

The Surveys were conducted and Compiled!

Working with art teacher Mr. K and other Math teachers, we were able to survey 178 students on how they were feeling at different points of the day. Here is an example of the Survey: Name (optional)___________________________________________ EXACT TIME_______:________ GRADE / AGE_______ / ________ HOW ARE YOU FEELING TODAY? ________________________________________________ On the line below, mark where your feeling is placed between – (1) and + (10): -__________________________________________________________________________+ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 If your feeling had a color, what would it be? ____________________________________________________________________ (Please be as specific as possible. For example, use words like light, dark, rich, baby, medium, kinda, …ish. Make reference to an object if possible: light sea blue, deep orange-reddish, bright canary yellow....) We then organized the surveys by time and assigned them a number. The results of the survey were entered in to Excel by the students and the line lengths were calculated for our bar graph. By using Excel, we were able to see the data by number, time, color, line height and grade.

Wall Preparation April 2011

Over the weekend, Mr. Affield and a few students met up at the school to prep the wall for our mural. We installed wood boards over old bulletin boards to make a smoother surface to paint on. We then taped a level line and primed the wall.